Important details

We are a small chocolate manufacturer of raw cocoa beans to bulk chocolate

Our business is based on the production and purchase of cocoa. The production area is based in Cameroon, Equatorial Africa. 
We work with smallholder farmers to harvest the best quality of cocoa beans. The purchase is made from the villages in collaboration with accredited exporters. Exporters verify the integrity of international standards. 
Then the cocoa beans are put in containers for export to Canada where they will be processed into finished products. 

What is the purpose of this project and its particularity in the competition market

Our aim is to promote co-development on an international scale. Cocoa production mainly takes place in the tropics, it was important to try and address the difficult working conditions of smallholder in Africa in 8 isolated communities (The Yembuni zone, Central Region of Cameroon) where we have started operations on a family farm in 2010. Cocoa is a profitable resource for international markets, so it must be the same for smallholder farmers in African rural areas.

The means envisaged to put into practice the viability of this project are numerous

We are fortunate to find ourselves in an environment that allows the creation of start-up companies. That is why via crowdfunding platforms and meeting entrepreneurs, we were able to achieve some of our objectives in the short and medium term.