Training in CA practices for the contracted cocoa farmers and wives;
Setting up an input supply system;


Fair-Trade or UTZ certification;
Training in nutrition in the targeted villages;


Training in post-harvest operations and marketing.

EMKAO FOODS Inc. Impact Logic Model Or Theory of Change


The EMKAO Impact Logic Model suggests that: 

1.    Increased cocoa and food crop productions are important determinants of household increased income, food security and nutritional status

2.    The key antecedents of increased cocoa and food crop production include:

a.    Training for the adoption of conservation agriculture practices

b.    Signature of contracts with targeted farmers and farm women

c.     Partnerships with local cooperatives

3.    Other factors known as disturbances (factors beyond the control of EMKAO FOODS interventions)are: Fair-trade or UTZ certification, and Timely export procedures


EMKAO has a positive impact on Canada as EMKAO is providing Canadians with healthy and organic cocoa ingredients. This organic cocoa is a healthier alternative to overly sweetened and mass produced cocoa which negatively effects the health of Canadians. EMKAO is setting the precedent for ethically and sustainably sourced cocoa. EMKAO is creating jobs and is stimulating economic growth within the chocolate as well as food and beverage industry. As EMKAO grows through Canada more Canadian consumers will have access to healthier organic cocoa. EMKAO is innovating and redefining cocoa production in Canada.