More than just chocolate: EMKAO is creating a more sustainable future for cacao farming.

EMKAO is proud to be certified under UTZ, a world-renowned program managed by the Rainforest Alliance. When you purchase from EMKAO, you can be confident that your cocoa products were farmed and produced with the utmost environmental and social considerations in place. 

Why does certification in the cocoa industry matter?

For many years, cocoa farmers have not been paid adequately for their labour. UTZ and other fair trade associations strive to help farmers access fair wages and build long-term relationships with buyers committed to the same ideals.

 Better Farm Management

Better Trade Better Futures
We are able to produce 2x the yield of non-certified cacao farmers. We pay farmers and workers 67% more for cacao beans. We create programs to support women in agriculture and farming


Beyond supporting our community in Cameroon, we support like-minded Canadian organizations with sponsorships and contribute to the global cacao industry through cutting edge research.