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BUKAO | Cocoa Butter

BUKAO | Cocoa Butter

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EMKAO’s cocoa is sourced from the Kotou family farm. This 100 hectare cocoa farm is located in the Méfou-et-Afamba region of Cameroon. For three generations, the EMKAO family has refined the art of cocoa farming. Subsequently, EMKAO has achieved the highest standard of ethical and sustainable cocoa production.


The Kotou farm is UTZ certified. UTZ is a world-renowned program managed by the Rainforest Alliance.UTZ promotes fair farming wages and sustainable agriculture practices.



We press our cocoa liquor to extract the cocoa butter. Our cocoa butter is non deodorized, this means it is naturally higher in antioxidants and moisturizing properties than deodorized cocoa butter. Deodorized cocoa butter is stripped of its natural aromas and colours. Whereas, our non deodorized cocoa butter maintains the delicate chocolate aroma and natural light brown colours. Once extracted from the bean, virgin cocoa butter is ideal for chocolate and cosmetic products.

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