Emkao Foods chose to work with Farmer's Hive cloud based Traceability. This means movement can be traced one step backward and one step forward at any point in the supply chain. A unique QR code is generated for instant access to track each shipment from producer to end-user.


Food producers can digitally communicate the story of each product production to customers in real-time, while recording critical information internally. For example Who, What, Where, When and Why the product was made & How it arrived to the consumer.


Communication of the story is simple for the consumer to retrieve by scanning the unique QR code printed on the product label or packaging.


The online backend is where food producers input vital activities, photos & practices to produce each product. Information such as harvesting, manufacturing, storage, packaging, transport, retail, times, dates, climate conditions & locations can be stored.




Transparency to customers showcases the reasons why they buy from the producer. Scan the QR code & see the 2018 traceability report from Emkao Foods.