Digital Communication


The Emkao prototype has to log and measure, and keep the following readings time synchronized
for later analysis:

• GPS position,
• Temperature,
• Humidity,
• Vibrations (accelerometer),
• Bean colour (later)

The device also has to be battery powered (able to last 4-6 weeks at sea), and store the acquired
data points for later retrieval.
While the time interval was not specified, it is felt that an interval of between 5 minutes and 60
minutes could be supported reasonably. It is worth noting that the smaller time intervals would
consume more total power and the optimal logging interval.
The device will need to be relatively small and very durable, able to withstand the harsh
environment of a shipping container, and the rough travel that it would experience at sea, and in
handling during the normal course of shipping, palletizing, with equipment (forklifts, cranes, pallet jacks).

The VERO system, as it was named, was conceived and currently has one patent pending. This system has the following features and benefits:

  • Industrial enclosure, able to operate in hostile environments including refrigerators at 4 degrees and 99% humidity
  • Real-time data logging of up to 16 sensors simultaneously
  • Advanced low-power ARM processing allows customized data analysis features to be run in parallel with the logging activities (for edge computing)
  • Family of sensors currently available: liquid measurement, temperature, humidity, air quality (in development), CO2 (in development)
  • Sufficient memory to log real time sensor data in intervals as small as 2 second intervals and for as long as months without the internet
  • RJ45 Ethernet and Power Over Ethernet for industrial applications
  • Ability to connect to cloud servers for data download, visualization and analysis

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