Indulge a joy of guilt-free sweetness this holiday season with Easy Treats Chocolates

Indulge a joy of guilt-free sweetness this holiday season with Easy Treats Chocolates

Easy Treats Chocolates, founded by the dynamic duo Annie Handley & Dave Devindisch. Their passion for creating healthy organic chocolates has not only led them into the sugar-free, vegan grocery world but has also resulted in a delightful collaboration with EMKAO Foods. Let's unwrap the story behind this delectable partnership and discover the sweet world of Easy Treats Chocolates.



The Sweet Beginnings:

Annie and Dave's journey began with a mission to craft sugar-free, organic vegan chocolates that not only tantalize the taste buds but also prioritize health. Handmade in small batches on the picturesque Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, Easy Treats Chocolate is a testament to their commitment to quality and taste.


A Symphony of Flavours and Values:

EMKAO Foods, a Vancouver-based Organic Family-run Chocolate Company, proved to be the perfect match for Easy Treats. For the past nine months, Easy Treats has been a cherished customer of EMKAO, embracing the rich, creamy, and organic goodness of their chocolates. The collaboration has blossomed into a beautiful partnership, echoing the shared values of both companies.


Organic Goodness, Local Delight:

Easy Treats Chocolates can be found gracing the shelves of renowned stores in British Columbia, including Thriftys Foods, Safeway, 40 Knots Winery, Pomme Market, Salish Sea Market, Nutters Health Foods, Edible Island Whole Foods Market, Healthy Way Foods, Mother Nature's Market, Discovery Foods, and Compass Gallery and Gifts. Their delectable offerings are a treat for the taste buds, ensuring a guilt-free indulgence.


Beyond Chocolate: The Easy Street Duo:

When not immersed in the world of chocolate-making, Annie and Dave showcase their musical talents as the Easy Street Duo. Seasoned musicians bring their harmonious tunes to festivals, private parties, fundraisers, and live music venues across BC, adding an extra layer of creativity to their dynamic partnership.



A Commitment to Sustainability:

Both Easy Treats Chocolates and EMKAO Foods are committed to environmental responsibility. Easy Treats ensures that their products are packaged using high-quality polylactic acid from corn and paper, making it 100% compostable. It's a sweet collaboration that not only delights the taste buds but also cares for our planet by saying no to plastic.

How to Savor the Sweetness:

Easy Treats Chocolates can be ordered directly from their website, Stay connected with them on social media via Facebook: Easy Treats Chocolates and Facebook: Easy Street Duo.

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