Black History Month with EMKAO Foods Inc

Black History Month with EMKAO Foods Inc

Celebrating Our Journey and Impact During Black History Month 2024

Embracing Our Roots and Elevating the Future

As Black History Month 2024 comes to a close, we at EMKAO Foods reflect on the profound legacy and the vibrant future of cocoa farming in Cameroon and its significance within the African diaspora. Our journey, deeply rooted in the rich soil of Cameroon's cacao farms, and our mission to deliver premium, traceable, and sustainable cocoa ingredients to North American shores, is a testament to the resilience and innovation of Black communities.

Our Story: From Kotou Farm to Your Table

Our story is not just about chocolate; it's a narrative of heritage, sustainability, and empowerment. Since 1892, when cacao first made its way to Cameroon, our family has been at the forefront of refining the art of cocoa cultivation at Kotou Farm, located in the Méfou-et-Afamba region. This dedication culminated in the foundation of EMKAO Foods by our visionary founder and CEO, Ayissi, who brought our legacy to Canada in 2016. Through EMKAO, we share not only the unique flavors of our cacao but also a commitment to improving lives and land in our community.

Sustainability at EMKAO
EMKAO champions sustainability, certified by the Rainforest Alliance under UTZ, ensuring our cocoa farming respects the earth. This green approach doubles yields compared to traditional farms, showcasing our commitment to eco-friendly practices and the planet's health.

Empowerment through EMKAO
At EMKAO, empowerment is key. We boost our farmers' and workers' incomes by 67%, thanks to fair trade practices, providing them with stability and growth opportunities. Special emphasis on supporting women in agriculture underlines our drive for gender equality and community upliftment, positioning EMKAO as a force for positive change in the cocoa sector.

A Celebration of Leadership and Entrepreneurship
This February, we honoured Black History Month by partnering with the Canadian Association of Black Lawyers and entrepreneurship@UBC to host "BIPOC Leaders & Entrepreneurs in Tech: Voices of Change." This event showcased the remarkable contributions of Black professionals in technology and business, including a keynote speech by Lekan Olawoye, a pioneer for Black professionals in North America. Our CEO, Ayissi Nyemba, alongside other distinguished panellists, shared insights on overcoming challenges and driving change within and beyond the tech industry.

Looking Forward
As we move forward, EMKAO Foods remains committed to our mission of elevating communities through traceable and sustainable cocoa products. We are inspired by the stories of the past and are dedicated to shaping a brighter, more inclusive future. Our participation in Black History Month 2024 is just one of many steps we are taking to honour our heritage and contribute to the ongoing dialogue and development within Black communities around the world.

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