Need a Co-Packer? We're Here to Help!

Posted by Olivia Sarna on

Are you in need of a cocoa manufacturer? Or a facility closer to you? EMKAO's Mission based cocoa manufacturing facility is here to help! We have all the tools you'll need to create perfectly finished cocoa products. 


All you need is your certified organic cocoa beans and we'll do the rest. We roast, winnow, grind, and press all our cocoa in house. Whether you want to create cocoa nibs, liquor, butter, powder, or husks we've got you covered. 


Co-Pack fees will be determined by the amount of beans as well as which process method you desire. If you are interested in Co-Packing with us send us an email at We will get back to you with a quote and an available time slot to process your cocoa! We are excited to help you make the highest quality cocoa! 

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