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NIKAO | Cocoa Nibs

NIKAO | Cocoa Nibs

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Cocoa nibs are shelled and dried fragments of cocoa beans. We separate cocoa beans from their outer husks using a winnowing machine, and then crush the internal nib into smaller pieces, ranging from 3-7mm. Our cocoa nibs will act as a blank canvas for your chocolate creations, providing an earthy, slightly bitter, and nutty flavour. 

Ingredients: Cocoa nibs
Single origin: Cameroon
For Pallet (900Kg) and container (20,000Kg) amounts, please contact

Our cocoa nibs are crushed in the winnowing machine. They are broken up into pieces ranging from 3 - 7mm. Our cocoa nibs provide an earthy, slightly bitter, nutty flavour.
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  • Alex C.

    2 days ago

    I am so pleased with the quality. Adds nice
    cacao flavor to my smoothies

  • Kiara L.

    10 days ago

    Produit de bonne qualité. Je l’utilise dans
    plusieurs recettes et smoothies

  • Brian F.

    1 month ago

    This cacao is high quality at a fairly
    reasonable price. Tastes great!

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