Celebrating International Women's Day

Attention beer lovers! Get ready for a delicious new brew to try - the Cocoa Crush Chocolate Amber Ale! Co-owner Danielle and founder Ayissi of EMKAO came together to brew something special for International Women's Day - a celebration of women everywhere. Using rare Criollo cocoa nibs and husks directly from Ayissi's family plantation in Cameroon, this high-quality cacao bean lacks bitterness and is very aromatic. It represents less than 3% of the world's cocoa production and is used in premium chocolate but rarely alone due to its rarity and expense. The cocoa truly shines in this brew, complemented by a malty amber base with biscuit flavors and subtle sweetness.

Discovering the love for amber ale

Mountainview Brewing Co. was created in part by a woman, Danielle, who was a late beer drinker due to feeling intimidated by the "boys" club of beer culture. She found her gateway beer in Nectarous by @fourwindsbrewco and wants to share her passion for beer with everyone who walks into the brewery.

Coming up with the name

The name Cocoa Crush Amber Ale perfectly captures our beer's unique combination of two cocoa ingredients and its golden, light color brewed with pale malt. The term 'pale ale' first appeared in England around 1703 for beers made from malts dried with high-carbon coke, resulting in a range of tastes and strengths within the pale ale family.


Founder's Experience

Ayissi's experience in chocolate manufacturing helped her see the similarities in the brewing process - every step is crucial to elevate the flavor profile, and respecting those steps is imperative. Fermentation is a critical aspect in both chocolate and brewing for desirable flavors. The fermentation process of the cacao beans destroys the seed coat, kills the germ, and gives the cocoa a good taste, while in the Amber Ale, top-fermenting yeast is used at warm temperatures (60–70 F) to convert sugars into alcohol, carbon dioxide, and desirable aromas. Don't miss out on this incredible new brew - Cocoa Crush Amber Ale.

Photo from the process


The Team

The team for the Cocoa Crush



Looking for a unique and delicious beer experience? Be sure to check out Mountainview Brewing Co. and try our latest creation, the Cocoa Crush Amber ale. Made with our cocoa nibs and cocoa husks, this beer contains a smooth chocolate finish that'll satisfy your taste buds. Don't miss out on this exciting new brew - head to Mountainview Brewing Co. today to give it a try!


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